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Document Certification in Georgia

Document Management Company in Georgia

Vital Record Solutions, LLC is a trusted document management company in Georgia specializing in all aspects of death certification, records management, document certification, funeral home death certificate, and many more. Our firm takes over the entire process of completing and registering your records through our hassle-free program.

With the expertise of our dedicated team of Vital Record Management Specialists and state-of-the-art technology, we ensure the efficient and secure handling of vital records. Contact us today to discover how we can simplify your records management needs.

Death Certification in Georgia

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Funeral Home
Document Management

VRS offers exceptional record management and serves all sizes of funeral homes. We will make a difference through outsourcing solutions by increasing your daily document management and certification time. Each of our outsourcing packages has been designed to meet your needs at a fair price.

Medical Staff

Serving Hospice Organizations, Coroners, and Physicians

VRS has a customized document management solution designed just for you. Our outsourcing team will work with you to process death records at an affordable price. With our support, you will save hours and speed up the turnaround time in death certificate completion. Additionally, we provide you with a detailed management report for your records that is available 24/7.