It pays to have solid advice and the right document management team in your corner. VRS is more than just a document management firm. We are a vital member of your team. Specializing in every step of the certification process, we resolve document problems, missing information and finding the right medical certifier. All of our programs are very cost effective.VRS is uniquely positioned to consult, plan, and execute a comprehensive records management program designed just for your organization. We are 100% HIPPA- HITECH compliant.

Hospice medical certification

Streamlining the whole handling of the death certificate for the hospice provider.


Providing immediate medical certification, designation to the funeral provider,

all within hours of death.


No more waiting on the physician to

sign the death certificate document.


Our firm is well suited for taking care of document processing.


You will always know the status of the record. Our daily management reporting allows you immediate access to the status of the record.


In addition, our team members are available to answer all your questions.

FUNERAL HOME DAILY record management
  • Complete record entry
  • Obtain the Medical Certification
  • Filing with the county of death
  • Ordering of Certified Copies
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • Conflict resolution