Georgia County Coroners

Document Management has been a huge operational problem for coroners and deputy coroners for years. Utilizing new technology available, VRS has designed an outsourcing solution to help you.


Now you have the opportunity to outsource and have a TEAM processing your death certificates. No office is too small to benefit from our service.

  • Bonnie Fox, Coroner Project Manager
  • Very affordable for your budget
  • Incoming Document Management
  • Funeral Home Death Pronouncement Notification
  • GAVERS Medical Certification
  • Case Management & Organization
  • Detailed Management Reports at your fingertips
  • Case tracking and document control

VRS is 100% HIPPA-HITECH Compliant

All of our servers, document storage, E-mail and file transfer are 100% HIPPA- HITECH Compliant. Providing your office with the highest level of protection and technology.

VRS is a

Proud Sponsor

of the Georgia