Vital Record Solutions, provides death certificate document management for funeral homes,

hospice organizations, coroner offices and medical professionals. We serve all 159 counties in Georgia. 


Death Certificate Management Solutions for the Death Care & Health Care Professional

Every business and county organization in today's information age has a data entry function. The key is to do it efficiently, accurately and cost-effective. The VRS team with over 20 years of experience, is dedicated to helping our clients do just that.  We are 100%  HIPPA-HITECH compliant.

A Dedicated Team of Vital Record Management Specialist

  • Record Entry & Management
  • Medical Certification
  • Document Certification
  • Serving All of Georgia 159 Counties
  • International Shipping Documents

Outsourcing Solutions for Document Management


VRS is a team specializing in all aspects of the Georgia Death Certificate. Our firm's focus is on a hassle free program by taking over the entire effort of completing and registering your records.

Hospice Organizations, Georgia Coroners & Physicians 

VRS has a customized Document Management Solution designed just for you. The VRS outsourcing team will work with you and process your death records for a very affordable price. With our support team, we will save you hours of document management, and speedup the turnaround time in death certificate completion.
Additionally, we provide you with a Detailed Management Report for your records. This report is available to you 24/7.                      


The power of outsourcing with VRS will increase your daily document management and certification time.  We have a TEAM dedicated to your record management. We welcome all sizes of funeral homes to learn how VRS will make a difference.  Each one of our outsourcing packages has been designed to meet your needs at an affordable price.

We Are Available to Answer Your Questions

Our office number is  (678)-341-4680. 

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